Steps to a greener lawn

STEP 1:  Watering your Lawn

Water Conservation is important in our dry climate of Utah Valley.  We need to take every step possible to eliminate over watering while keeping the lawn and landscape healthy and looking its best.

Water in the early morning between 4:30 and 6:00 am to allow the water to soak in but also allow the lawn to dry out a little so fungus does not have a change to grow.

Let Utah Valley Lawn Care Sprinkler Technicians evaluate and adjust your entire system so that you are watering your lawn and landscape efficiently without waste.  Not only will this help save water in Utah but it will also help you to save more money!   Get a sprinkler system installed with a timer.  If you don’t have one, you need one.


STEP 2: Fertilization

Utah Valley Lawn Care give you a customized lawn care program specific to the needs of your lawn for the best looking lawn on the block!

A 6 treatment program of balanced fertilizers and weed control agents, applied properly at 6 week intervals to build roots, increase resistance to pests and develop a vigorous, green lawn.  Our technicians are professional trained and certified so you know that you are getting the most bang for you buck.

STEP 3: Lawn mowing and Maintenance

Get back your weekends!  Let Utah Valley Lawn Care add a professional touch to the appearance of your lawn and landscape.  Our premium quality maintenance service will take complete care of you property by; mowing, edging, trimming, caring for shrubs, and weeding planter areas.  Utah Valley Lawn care give you back your weekend so you can enjoy your yard.

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