Commercial services

About UV Lawn Care Services & Pricing Information

Prices quoted reflect services performed on a per week basis. Although we strive to maintain price integrity, there are a few exceptions in which service fees may fluctuate. Yard size, complexity of tiered landscaping, sectioned landscaping will be considered when estimating monthly service fees. Please feel free to contact us for a free quote. Additional services may be requested at your leisure.


As lawn care professionals we understand that a beautiful and manicured lawn are important in the value of your business and property.  At Utah Valley Lawn Care we use only the best equipment available today.  Don’t get caught with poor quality workmanship from poor lawn cutting equipment.  All of our machines are top of the line commercial machines.  These machines are turned over usually within 3 years and are maintained daily in our Lindon, Ut. shops.

Snow Removal

Snow and Ice removal services include Commercial parking lots and drive ways.  Snow Removal space is limited and contracts and scheduling fill up fast.


We will trim the edges and any interior borders (e.g. flower beds, trees). When we are done, we will blow off your driveway, walkways, and all paved surfaces, giving your property a manicured look.

Power Edging

Square edging between driveways, sidewalks, and curbing leaves your yard with a sleek, clean look.


We recommend taking advantage of this service twice a year: every Spring and Fall. Aeration helps your lawn’s root system maximize oxygen, water, and nutrient absorption. Pair this key service with any of our fertilizers to have a healthy, thick, green lawn.

Quality Control

Not only will we mow your lawn every week but we will keep your bushes, and flower beds free of weeds and looking fresh.

Spring/Fall Cleanup

With each season’s change come new cleanup tasks. Let us take care of these for you.

Weed Control

Whether you need broad area spraying or detail-oriented hand-weeding, we are conscientious about keeping those unwanted “volunteers” out.


Feed your lawn any of our recommended Organic or Traditional fertilizers once a season–Spring, Summer, and Fall–to maintain a hearty, “golf-course green” lawn.  We recommend 3-5 commercial applications per year and 5-6 residential fertilizer applications per year.

Pest Control

Our pest control services keep your yard fresh and safe.  Take a look at our sister company, Bastion Pest Control for more details.  Just to clarify, yes we do own Bastion Pest Control as our pesticide division of Utah Valley Lawn Care.

Bush and Shrub Trimming

We will trim and shape your bushes, shrubs, and perennials as needed.  Properly trimming not only ensures health of your plant but will also encourage new and healthy growth.


Our gardeners will keep your beds and gardens healthy, thriving, and beautiful. We provide a wide range of services, such as planting beds, adding soil and mulch, or placing stone.

Commercial Equipment Service Providers

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